Mega Texas Fest, Roo Camp & Kangapalooza are events for prospective and current students at Austin College to engage in campus activities, fun, and games!
  Homecoming skits call for all campus organizations to engage in performances that display school spirit! The Aussies also perform on the football field at the Homecoming Game and at our Homecoming Pep Rally!
Roo Boo is an event for children from the surrounding communities to trick or treat on Halloween! Each campus organization sets up a booth displaying a Halloween theme to entertain the kids.
team The Aussie Spring Show is hosted at the end of the year as a showcase of dances ranging from ballet, jazz, lyrical, hiphop, pom, and others!
  The Aussies attend all football games to show spirit and support for our wonderful players. The Aussies also perform at half-time on the field with the cheerleaders!