Officer Summaries


As the spokesperson of Campus Activities Board, the President facilitates all meetings, assists in training officers, and actively seeks cooperation with other organizations. The President also works directly with the Student Life Office in order to achieve the goals of CAB.

VP of Administration

This chair is responsible for taking and distributing minutes of general meetings to members of CAB. VP Admin is also responsible for maintaining the office and Student Work Room, and posting office hours of CAB officers. This chair is responsible for keeping an up-to-date calendar of events as well as being the spokesperson for CAB when the President is absent.

VP of Marketing

VP of Marketing is responsible for being knowledgeable about events in order to properly promote them. By promoting events in various and creative ways, this chair ensures that students are aware of activities sponsored by CAB.

VP of Finance

By managing CAB’s fiscal resources, the VP of Finance constructs and updates the organization’s budget. This chair is responsible for approving of purchases made on behalf of CAB.

Cultural and Current Events Chair

By planning events to increase student knowledge about different cultures and current events, this chair illustrates the diversity present on campus and around the world.

Major Events Chair

The Major Events chair plans diverse and large-scale events twice a month, often for major theme days and with co-sponsorship with other campus organizations.

Spirit & Traditions Chair

By continuing traditional events, this chair aims at increasing the spirit and morale of Austin College students. The Spirits & Traditions chair also plans programs to raise student awareness and appreciation of Austin College athletics.

Late Night Events Chair

This chair creates and implements programs that provide students with activities during the evening. By providing a wide range of activities, this chair appeals to students to take a break from their studies to enjoy their experience at AC.


The Advisor to CAB trains, assists, and evaluates the Advisory Board. He is also responsible for assuring that all procedures and policies are upheld. By regularly attending meetings, the Advisor acts as a communication link between CAB and the administration of Austin College.