Welcome to the Wonderful Land of  ΩΖ

Omega Zeta was founded on November 3, 2000 by a passionate group of young women striving to make a difference at Austin College, in the Sherman Community, and in the world. We are a diverse group of leaders who represent a variety of religions, backgrounds, and cultures. We strive to balance and excel in our pillars of leadership, academics, identity, service, and sisterhood. We uphold ourselves to highest standards and constantly live by and promote our motto, "So much to do, so much to be." 


During a meeting actives were asked,

"What does sisterhood mean to you?"

This is what they had to say:

"Sisterhood means being there for your sisters, especially when they are going through hard times. It also means sharing a unique bond built on trust, compassion and understanding."

"Sisterhood is a group of girls who are always there to support and uplift each other."

"Sisterhood means the we love, support, encourage and do life with one another. We celebrate and embrace our differences and pursue unity through the goals of Omega Zeta."

"Sisterhood gives you a place to belong and a place to be loved."

"Sisterhood means: unconditional love, feeling accepted and supported, shoulders to cry on when it gets rough and arms to hug when it gets exciting."

"Sisterhood means always having someone to celebrate with, to cry with, to laugh with, to rant to, and, most importantly, to love."

Facts about
Omega Zeta

  • Our colors are Light Blue and Sunshine Yellow
  • Our symbol is the Butterfly
  • Our flower is the Daisy
  • We were founded on November 3, 2000
  • We are known to have the highest GPA in Greek Life
  • As of Spring 2014, our members represented over 50 organizations, of which more than 10 were presidents of their groups
  • We participate in an average of 10 service projects each year,including the Boot Scootin' Ball and the Ella Barker Memorial Garage Sale.

Letter from the President 2013-2014

Greetings and welcome to Omega Zeta!

We are happy that you are interested in becoming a future butterfly and joining an extraordinary sisterhood. Words cannot describe the love that I have for this sorority and the bonds that I have made with my sisters. It has been an extraordinary experience being able to grow in this organization, figure out who I really am, and be accepted and loved by others in this group. Please take the time to speak with active members of Omega Zeta to learn what it's truly like to be part of such an incredible sorority.

Peace, Love, & Daisies,
Lacey Durham, PC 12