To increase art appreciation, awareness, and participation


whether it be spoken, written, sung, drawn, painted, danced;


You name it we love it.





s.o.m.a. Student Organization of Modern Art


Site is currently under construction...we're almost done with renovations. :)


Welcome to the Student Organization of Modern Art webpage. The 2009-2010 school year is an exciting year for us.


Our Fearless Leader, Caitlin Gillis, has led the charge to a new and improved SOMA. We are increasing membership participation and making sure every aspect of our club is renovated (this webpage for example).


We have countless events during the school year (which we will take the time to invite you to right now, yes you!) and we welcome you to browse through the site to view our calendar of events and see our wonderful photos gallery!


-SOMA Admin.


P.S. Check out our News/Blog page for news about upcoming events, stories, and more!



A chartered organization of Austin College in Sherman, TX

Last updated: October 2009