GreenServe is a campus wide opportunity sponsored by the Service Station and Thinking Green. It is an event that provides service that is focused on environmental responsibility, sustainability, and raising environmental awareness. This is an annual event that began in 2010 and has provided service to help the environment such as providing energy saving light bulbs to nearby neighborhoods, Prairie Restoration and repairing trails in the Eisenhower State Park.


GreenServe 2014

On April 26 2014, approximately 190 students spread out around the Texoma area to initiate green efforts around the community. Students dedicated their time to 12 major projects which included restoring the Eisenhower State Park, picking up trash at the Denison Dam, and educating children about the environment at Roo Bound. Guest performances by TK n JHARP and the Aussie Dance Team motivated the students to go out and serve the environment.
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