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The submissions are in and we willbe printing them in two issues.

The spring issue, "Death or Something Similar," is due to come out in April.

The fall issue "Sex, Drugs and Rock&Roll," will come out a week or two after the fall semester begins.

Other things

Show case of old suspension issues coming in April.

Site Under Construction!!!

Hi everyone! Our web site is undergoing some renovations and until it's done all basic information will be held on this page.


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Suspension is Austin College's Literary Magazine. We publish submissions from Austin College students. Submissions could be photography, paintings, drawings, comics, short stories, poetry, literary criticism, literary analysis and more.

After our submission deadline a committee meets to select which pieces get into the magazine.


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To submit please have a digital copy of your submission and send it to:

Art submissions please make sure your submission is the best resolution possible for better printing.


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To contact suspension email:

or contact our staff directly:

Sarah Thomason

Editor in Chief

Meghan Smith

Writing Editor

Leslie Slade

Art Editor

Natalie Taylor

Publicity Chair

Mackenzie Mayer