Web Account Requirements

All Student Organizations need to apply for web space.


All Austin College chartered student organizations in good standing are eligible to have accounts on the Austin College student web server. Graduating seniors will retain access for 6-months.

Before applying for an account on the students web server the applicant should read and understand the following requirements.

Web Server Requirements

Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in account termination.

  • Once an organization account has been created the student has 3 weeks to activate the account. If the account is not activated within the three weeks, the account will be deleted.
  • Available space on the Student Web Server is limited to 10 MB. Thus, users are to use accounts for Web page related documents only. If the student is exceeding the 10 MB allotment an email will be sent to the student informing them that they have two weeks to clean up their directory. If the student has not brought their space back to 10 MB, their permissions will be taken away for another two weeks. If the student does not contact the student webmaster within those two weeks, the account will be DELETED.
  • Texas State Law and AC Network Policy require, as does this server administration, that users do not share passwords and accounts with any other individuals.
  • Users must comply with AC Network Policy.
  • The home page should contain the name and the email address of the individual responsible for maintaining the page.
  • The web pages should include a link back to the Student Web Server at: http://acstudentweb.austincollege.edu
  • Student organizations must use their web accounts for the purpose they state on their application form.


Contact Student Webmaster for help